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Associate Product Management Program for innovative, self-driven and creative minds!

Are you interested in becoming a Product Manager?

Regardless of whether you are a new grad, an experienced techie, new to the field, or just want a career shift,

we are waiting for you!


It's a unique opportunity to work with the world's #1 photo & video editing app with more than

130 million monthly active users.



Join our six-month rotational APM Program at PicsArt Armenia.


The program will get you fully involved in the product development and management cycle of the world’s #1 photo & video editing app - from planning to engineering, release, and marketing. 


You will learn from exceptional professionals, standing at the roots of PicsArt's success. You will participate in intensive coaching/mentoring sessions with product owners, tech leaders and other stakeholders who work on this viral product.


Program sessions are built around three components: communication, case-study, and coaching. You will develop a special tech-aspired mindset with core aspects and the methodologies of a Product Manager. You will get all the office perks of a full-time employee and will be treated like one too.


You’ll work on projects that matter, build your professional network, and gain valuable insight into PM at PicsArt.

Six-Month Full-Time Program



Nare, PM

I studied Architecture. The best thing in the architect’s work is the creation of a Life Experience, very similar to that of a product cycle at the PM work.


Initially, I was working in the Content and Design area. Very soon I realized that I want to be part of the Life Experience of the app. So, I took part in the APM program.    


Now as a Product Manager, I go through the Life Experience flow (product cycle) every day! The only difference is that all these processes take place in the virtual world instead of the real.

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Pietra, PM

I started working at PicsArt as a support specialist. I fell in love with the app, started to buzz around and pinpoint the improvements areas. So when one day, our current CTO told me: “You’re annoying everyone with the bugs and problems you notice, I suggest you take part in the APM program to become a PM and fix those yourself?” :)


This is the time when I took part in the APM program and became a PM. Now I’m here working as a Product Manager for the best team for almost 3 years!


Narek, PM

I started my way as a software developer. During the last 6 years at PicsArt, I worked on Windows and iOS mobile apps, became a tech lead and finally decided to change my profile and take part in the APM program. 


The APM program changed my professional life. I started seeing the whole picture of how the product is being initiated, released and promoted.


I am so happy with the decision to become a PM. PicsArt will never let you get bored if you are interested in discovering new areas and challenging yourself.

APM journey at PicsArt



During the first two weeks, you will have an immersive Bootcamp experience to get to know everything about PicsArt. 


You will learn about all areas of the company and the product.


After these two weeks you will feel yourself home and ready to start your APM journey at PicsArt.



During the program, you will rotate within four teams:  Editor, Community & Content, Growth, and Monetization.  

Your rotation might involve improving the product development experience, defining innovative approaches, using our toolsets, working with business intelligence units, etc.



You will have two mentors: a PM mentor and a senior product mentor.


They are always there to guide you through the experience and meet with you on a one-on-one basis.  


You will also have many meetings with senior product leaders and executive coaches to help you develop leadership skills. You'll participate in tech meet-ups and other local events.


Do you still have questions about the program? Please feel free to contact us by email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for your interest!

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